Venice, Italy

Venice is a stunning city. It’s that type of a city where you will feel like you were caught up in a different century. This together with beautiful architecture and great wine brings to Venice millions of visitors every year. There is no wonder that local restaurant owners and anyone else who has something to do with a travel industry will try to make as much money as possible.

Considering the size of the city, there are just too many scams and it might pay off to know about these before you arrive to Venice.

Overpriced food

After the foodgasm I have experienced in the south of Italy in the Campania region, I couldn’t wait to go to Venice. However, my Italian colleague from Verona gave me a little warning. He basically told me that the food in the north of Italy is not that amazing as it is in the south and that pizza from Naples will never taste the same in Venice. Why?

Because in Naples they have better tasting water that is used for the production of mozzarella. So if the mozzarella tastes better, then obviously also the pizza is better.

I was gutted! Some restaurants in Venice won’t even show you the menu and once it comes to paying your bill, you might experience a tiny shock. So how to avoid touristy spots and eat like a Venetian? Try cicchetti, these are small buns with different kinds of salami, cheese, tuna etc. in the middle. One piece will cost you between 1 – 2 € . Where to find them? Look for mini bar Al Merca, that is very close to Rialto bridge. They offer also glass of wine or prosecco. 


Do you fancy a ride on the canal? Then be aware that a 30 minute ride on gondola will cost you something between 80 – 100 €. You can go for a cheaper option and that would be the water bus that can take you from one part of Venice to another and also to the islands of Burano and Murano. One way ticket costs 7,50 € but you can also get a daily pass. 

Coffee for 30 €

The biggest and the most popular square in Venice is called Marco Polo. The square is lined with plenty of cafés and one visit can literally burn a hole into your wallet. You can be easily charged up to 30€  per coffee in cafés like Florian or Quadri so don’t be afraid to ask for the price in advance. If you want to enjoy your morning cappuccino for a more reasonable price, find a bar where they serve coffee at the counter

Broken ATMs

Beware if you take out cash from ATM in the centre of Venice. I read numerous stories of people who withdrew 75€  but their receipt said 200 € . When they contacted their bank, they could not really help them as there was no way to prove how much they really withdrew. Coincidence? 


You can be pickpocketed anywhere in the world but when in Venice, be extra careful when traveling by water bus (“il vaporetto” in Italian). Considering the huge amount of tourists in the city, these buses are always super packed and that creates the perfect working environment for all the pickpockets. They operate even when you are in the queue for the bus. They will also stop you on the street and will try to get your full attention by offering you to purchase flowers or perfume. And while they do, their accomplice will try to get inside your bag or pockets.

Have you been to Venice before? If so, have you been scammed? 


Venice, Italy

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