Zwinger, Dresden

Last Friday I did a last minute trip to Dresden. I left the bus station Florenc in Prague shortly after 8 AM and only two hours later I got off the bus at Hauptbahnhof Dresden (those who don’t speak German, it means the main train station). I had about seven hours to explore all the beautiful spots Dresden has to offer and to be honest with you, I got stuck in the shopping mall at the very beginning. It was Black Friday that day and I was just curious to see how these sales look like in Germany as in Czech Republic they are usually not the best value.

I have thought that it would not be the best idea to spend most of my time shopping so after a quick look I headed towards my first stop which was the church called Frauenkirche on the Neumarket square. This church is considered to be the symbol of the city. It was highly damaged during the Second World War and its entire reconstruction was finished in 2005. The tower of the church is open to public and apparently it provides you with amazing views over the entire city.

On my way to Frauenkirche, I passed the Altmarkt square where the final preparations for the Christmas market were under way. The whole square was covered by wood stands decorated by tree branches and other colourful decorations. The same preparations were actually happening on few other squares in the city. It was about a time, as the Christmas markets start already on the 28th November!

Frauenkirche, Dresden

Then I headed towards the modern art museum Albertinum to the park Brühlschen Garten and Brühlsche Terrasse. This Terrasse place is actually called “the balcony of Europe” and it’s an ideal place for walks. From here you can enjoy stunning views over the Elbe river and also another part of the city called Neustadt.

Not far from here, in Augustusstrasse is located the Furstenzug, 102 meter long painting made from porcelain pieces showcasing various monarchs and other important figures from the Saxon dynasty.

Only about fifty meters from here is located one of the most beautiful baroque building in Germany – Zwinger. In its area can be found few pavilions, galleries and also a café. The courtyard is well maintained and you can also admire the Porcelain collection or the Mathematics and Physics Salon.

Brühl's Terrace, Dresden

Furstenzug, Dresden

Zwinger, Dresden

I crossed the Augustusbrücke (the bridge) and discovered a totally new area. The Neustadt, that has actually two parts: Innere Neustadt and Äußere Neustadt. I liked the second part more as it reminded me of Berlin’s cool and hipster parts. Eventhough the streets here were pretty empty, this area is meant to be the most lively one in the whole city. You can find here a lot of alternative shops, restaurants with international cuisine, bars, clubs and really nice street art.

My aim was to get to the Kunsthofpassage which is a passage in between the apartment buildings where again are some restaurants, shop with tea and flowers but also a house with blue facade that sings when it rains. This side of the house is decorated with a system of funnels and drips that look like a music instruments and that make sounds when it pours with rain.

Dresden Neustadt

Kunsthofpassage, Dresden

From Neustadt I headed back towards Altstadt, did some shopping in the centre and then jumped on the bus that took me safely back to Prague. It was a great trip and I am happy I have discovered another interesting spot nearby Prague. Have you even been to Dresden?

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