Few weeks ago a friend of mine told me she went to Tábor for a weekend with her family. My first reaction was:”But what did you do in Tábor?” In case you have never heard of this city before, here is a small insight. Tábor is a city in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. The name Tábor actually translates as a “camp” and might have to do something with the fact that the city was a home of the Hussites, who soon became known as the Taborites. The most known Hussite military leader was Jan Žižka after whom was actually named the district in Prague 3, called Žižkov.

But let’s go back to Tábor….

So, why Tábor? The centre of the city is very picturesque and it’s freed from all the nasty things like gaming clubs or Vietnamese fashion stores that are quite popular thing in other Czech towns. I like discovering pretty little towns so at the end of the summer I have decided to go and see it by myself.

Before my departure I did what I always do. I went on Pinterest to find some interesting pictures and articles about Tábor and to my surprise I found some content from foreign travellers who claimed that Tábor really is one of the prettiest towns they have ever seen.

What to experience in Tábor?

Žižka Square

Žižka Square can be found in the historical centre of the city and is lined with houses in baroque, renaissance and gothic style. These houses were already built in the 16th century and are also decorated with pretty frescos. There are numerous things to admire here: renaissance fountain, memorial of Jan Žižka and also few restaurants and cafés. Our favourite was coffee house Klid and beerhouse Výčep that offers beer on a tap from a local mini brewery Obora and also some meaty nibbles from the local butcher, Mr. Liška.

Views from the Church of Proměnění Páně 

This church is located right at the Žižka Square and the entrance to the church tower is from the back side. Get your muscles ready because those 200 stairs up are very steep plus you have to creep under a bell that weights 2,5 ton. Once you climb up you need to pay entry fee of 50 czk so make sure you have cash ready, otherwise you have climbed for nothing. Apart from amazing views you can also check out a mini store of an old man who sells here old banknotes and coins.

Tábor, Czech Republic

Hussite museum and underground tunnels

You don’t have to go far for this because right at the Žižka Square in the building of the Old Town Hall, you will find also the Hussite Museum which offers a modern exhibition with a number of interactive elements and in ten different rooms you will learn everything about the Hussite movement. What is interesting is also that you can look into the underground tunnels. These tunnels were built in the 15th century in the depth of 16 meters and served as a storage for food, drinks and as a place where people hid from the fire and the enemies.

Klokoty Monastery

Klokoty is a district of Tábor and you can get there from the centre of the city on foot following the Lipova alley in only about 30 minutes. The church Nanebevzetí Panny Marie is a significant place of pilgrimage in the South Bohemia Region. If you are interested in a guidedvtour, it’s better to book your time slot in advance.

Klokoty Monastery, Tábor

Castle Kotnov

We have been walking about the Castle for quite some time and couldn’t figure out how to enter. Only later we found out that the Castle has been closed for the entire 2018 because of an extensive reconstruction and will be open to public again in 2019. They are preparing new exhibitions like digital maps or models of historical weapons.

Get lost

Tiny streets around Žižka Square are magical. They create a maze with nooks where you can get lost and forget for a while you are in the 21st century. All the houses are painted in pastel colours so it’s all very aesthetically pleasing and of course great for taking loads of pictures. 

Tábor, Czech Republic

Water reservoir Jordán

All the nature lovers should definitely go for a stroll around the water reservoir Jordán that is the oldest in Central Europe. Already in the 16th century, the reservoir served as a source of a drinking water and these days people come here to fish. You can wander, run or rent a boat if the weather allows.

Water reservoir Jordán, Tábor, Czech Republic

Where to stay

Hostel Stárkův Dům

Great choice for all the budget travellers as for the night here you will pay only around 11 euro. In the same building you can find also bistro where they prepare meals from the local ingredients.

Pension Kostnický dům

This was our choice and I was very happy with it. The view from our tiny window was towards the Žižka Square. There is also a café downstairs where they serve breakfast. The pension was tidy and clean and I can only recommend it.

Hotel Nautilus

If you are looking for something more fancy, go for Hotel Nautilus that is located right on the Žižka Square. Restaurant Goldie which is part of the complex has received many culinary awards.




Tábor, Czech Republic

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