It’s been only few days since we got back from our beach holiday in Santorini. After many many years we booked a trip with a travel agency and it was quite nice to have everything planned. I enjoyed the sun beds with a book in one hand and cold frappe in the other. It was perfect but spending all day in horizontal position is not for me anymore because I need a bit of action in my life.

It’s probably well-known that for “beach holiday” people don’t need to pack many things which I totally agree with. Carrying tons of cosmetics and the entire closet when you can take only 15 kilos with you to the plane is not really possible anyway. I’d rather take less cause I like to bring souvenirs back home. This year I brought some spices and my all time favourite Korres cosmetics that is available in Greek pharmacies for less than what you pay in any online store.

But back to our topic. In this post you can find all the beach must have things together with ideas on where to get them.


The most important thing on this list cause where else would we put all the other stuff, right? There are loads of beach bags in the online stores but my number one this year is the straw bag. You can fit in half of your possessions, it won’t soak easily and mainly straw bags are IN this season. When you are back from your holiday you can carry your veggies from the farmer’s market in them. I got mine on Bella Rose.


Not only for the beach but for any kind of travelling you must have good book in your bag. Otherwise I always feel like my wasting my time when waiting for a tram, bus or staring at my fellow-travellers in the train. Recently I have finished reading The Voyeur’s Motel by Gay Talese and it was quite interesting.


If you don’t want to read, download your favourite music, audio book or interesting podcast and listen. I really enjoy noise cancelling Bose headphones. If all the airplane sounds make you nervous, put them on and you will enjoy the total silence. You can find audiobooks on Amazon and if you wonder how to be a successful fashion and beauty blogger check out the series of At Home With….from Lilly Pebbles and Anna Newton.


I don’t have to tell you that you should not underestimate the power of sun cream, even when it’s cloudy! I will never forget how burnt we got on our first day in Bali. It was cloudy with no traces of sunshine so we thought there’s no point in putting sun cream on. What a mistake! We got super burnt. Every day I use BB cream that already has SPF 20 so I don’t burn my face anymore. When I spend more time on the sun I use cream from Vichy with SPF 50. I love sun creams from Hawaiian, they smell amazing and give your skin some glitter.


I guess you all know that drinking plenty of water, especially when the temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius is the most important thing. What is also important is not to drink from plastic water bottles that are exposed to sun or heat for few hours. UV radiation can damage outer layers of plastic and release negative substance that causes many kind of diseases. Plastics not only harm your health but also our environment so great solution for this is to get a stainless steel bottle that will also keep your drink cool. I got mine at Bella Rose.


Very popular are colorful hippie headbands that you can get in any clothes shop. I got mine in Zara but saw some also in Mango or Stradivarius. I also love headbands with huge flowers that you can get for example at Etsy. They won’t protect you from the sun stroke so for this purpose is better to use straw hats.


My hair and I guess yours as well gets very dry after such a holiday. Salty water and sun is not its best friend so it’s important to give it extra care. Very good is coconut oil which is quite tricky to wash off your hair. Best is to use hair masks that you keep in your hair only for few minutes. I really like a Pure Greek Olive mask from Greek natural brand Korres.



beach towel

beach overal

shoes for water (if you gonna stay on beach with loads of pebbles and rocsk)


flip flops


hair band


air mattraress

playing cards


Going for holiday but not sure what to pack? Find out in this post.

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