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For my second day in Portugal I planned a trip to the sea! I thought that this might be my last opportunity this years to take a walk along the beach so I did some research and found out that the best possible solution would be to go to the cute resort town called Cascais located on the picturesque coast of Costa do Sol. I took a train from the train station Cais do Sodré in Lisbon and arrived to Cascais in less than an hour.

Before I left, I checked the weather forecast that said “only” 23 degrees Celsius, windy and cloudy so I came to the conclusion that it won’t be the right weather for sunbathing and I packed a denim jacket into my backpack. After my arrival to Cascais, I checked out the beach and I quickly realised I have made a mistake and wished for having bikini with me instead of my jacket! Beach was full of people who were soaking up the sun. At least I managed to walk along the beach, found a nice spot to sit and for a while I read my book with an amazing sea view.

There was Iron Man triathlon going on at the main square thus it was not possible to take the photos I was hoping for but maybe I will manage on my next visit. 🙂

What activities and sights does Cascais offer and why will you like it here….

Sport activities

There is a large Sintra – Cascais National Park not far from the city centre that offers plenty of sport activities such as golf (the most famous is at Penha Longa Resort), cycling (you can find a few bike rentals in Cascais) or surfing (there are a few surfing schools). If you follow the road to Boca do Inferno, you will be pleased by the amazingly smooth road with a reserved stretch for runners and cyclists.

On my way to Boca do Inferno, Cascais

Boca do Inferno

Only two kilometres from the centre of Cascais is very interesting chasm located in the seaside cliffs. The waves here are very tiny during the summer months so the best time for visit is winter when the waves break through the rocks at the height of several meters. In 1930 magician and astrologist, Aleister Crowley faked his own death here. What really happened was that he secretly escaped Portugal and only three weeks later he appeared on the show of his own work in Berlin. There were stories written about this in newspapers that led to the promotion of Crowley and Boca do Inferno.

Boca do Inferno, Cascais

Boca do Inferno, Cascais

Santa Marta Lighthouse

Santa Marta Lighthouse can be found in the south of the centre by the river Tagus. There is also a museum right next to the lighthouse. That orange building you can see in the picture below is Casa de Santa Maria, mansion from the 19th century that is open to public.

Lighthouse Santa Marta, Cascais

Centre of Cascais

The Old Town of Cascais is absolutely stunning. The streets are lined with the traditional fisherman houses that serve nowadays as trendy shops, bars and restaurants. The centre is characterised by the pretty wave cobblestone pavements. Cascais is the official summer residence of the President of Portugal.

Streets of Cascais

Streets of Cascais


There are actually a few sandy beaches in Cascais with sunbeds and plenty of bars and restaurants. Right opposite the railway station is beach Praia da Rainha. If you walk the direction from the centre, you will find other beach Praia da Conceição. And if you continue walking the same way along the coastline you will get to the town Estoril. From here you can take a train back to Lisbon. Other popular beach in this area is Guincho beach that has perfect conditions for surfing and is about 8 km far from Cascais.

Cascais beach

Cascais beach



Why you should visit Cascais

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